Where We Came From

I am a farmer. I was raised on a dirt road in rural North Carolina, surrounded by farmland. Both sides of my family have farmed for as long as anyone can remember. You might say farming is in my blood. If you go back a few generations, you’ll probably find it’s in yours too. Over the last 200 years, America has changed dramatically from a society composed of 95% farmers down to just 1%. Why did we all leave the farm and where were we headed?


I started farming when I was 10 years old. My mom stopped by my grandparents’ house to help my Granny shuck corn one day after school. She let me go work in the tobacco field with my Granddaddy, Mr. “Buddy” Barefoot. After a few hours of hard work and $11 in my pocket, I was hooked. I spent every summer after that working with my Granddad on the farm, up until he passed away when I was 18. I wouldn’t trade those summers for anything in the world.

What We Stand For

I founded Green Top Farms to help close the gap between where food is grown and where it is eaten. Our goal is to raise the nutritional and flavor content of produce and to increase the percentage that actually reaches people’s bellies. With a highly efficient use of space and technology, robust community outreach and education, and some old school work ethic, we plan to make change by starting in the unlikeliest of places – New York City.


Whether you’re a native New Yorker or a transplant like myself, a foodie or you eat fast food, we invite you to join our community. Who knows, you might decide to be a farmer.

As farmers, we care deeply about how food is grown and where it comes from.

Our Team


Farmer Josh

Josh grew up on a farm, had a career in sales, then taught high schoolers in the South Bronx, where he became inspired to change our food system.


Tommy, the business man

Tommy had a background in non-profits and was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, before leaving to co-found Green Top Farms.


Alberto, ops

Alberto manages operations and ensures safe delivery of your salads. Data scientist by training. Moonlights for NASA.