Grass Fed Ground Beef


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At Green Top we believe in eating less meat, but a much higher quality. Sir William Angus Farm raises Black Angus cows that are pasture-rotated, using no hormones or antibiotics. All cows are born and raised in the Hudson Valley, and processed locally by a third-party audited facility that is both a NOFA-NY Organic Processor and certified for AWA Humane Handling. All meats sourced by Green Top are part of a whole animal program that not only supports local family farms, but decreases waste in the food system. Chef Tip: Ground beef can be great for pasta sauces, I like to brown the beef then add some garlic and chopped veggies before deglazing with whatever wine I have in the house and some fresh or canned tomatoes. Finish it with some herbs and spices and don't be afraid to let it simmer low and slow if you have the time. 1 lb.