Labor Day Haul


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  • Times are strange these days so whatever you're planning, we've got you covered with grass feed beef, sweet local corn, prepared sides, and much more! Support your local farmers and food workers we've depended on more than ever this year.

    · Local, fresh ingredients
    · All the summer-time hits
    · Contactless delivery within 48 hours

  • Beefsteak Tomato Salad - Vegan
    Crab Dip - Contains Dairy, Shellfish
    Sweet Bi-Color Corn - Vegan
    Yellow Peaches - Vegan
    Pickled Onion & Radish - Vegan
    Roasted Summer Squash - Vegan
    Mini Gourmet Eggplant Mix - Vegan
    Bacon & Cheddar Quiche - Contains Wheat, Dairy, Egg
    Cucumber & Dill Salad - Conatins Dairy
    Spicy Jerk Chicken Sausage Green Top Hot Sauce - Vegan
    Grass Fed Ground Beef
    Martin's Potato Rolls - Contains Gluten
    Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread - Contains Gluten, Egg, Dairy
    Organic Mini Watermelon - Vegan
    Yukon Potato Salad -Vegan, Contains Soy
    Mixed Greens - Vegan
    Organic Blue Oyster Mushrooms - Vegan
    Spicy Ketchup - Vegan
    Dijon Mustard - Vegan
  • Dagele Farm Florida, NY
    Larchmont Family Farm Deerfield, NJ
    Hempworth Farm Milton, NY
    Sir William Angus Craryville, NY
    Black Horse Farms Coxsackie, NY
    Satur Farms Cutchogue, NY
    Satur Farms Cutchogue, NY
    Smallhold Mushroom Farms Brooklyn, NY