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  • Working from home? Sending a care package to a loved one in NYC? Green Top will stock the fridge just like your kin would! Homemade soups, granola, tofu scramble and more!

    · Local, fresh ingredients
    · Made from scratch, with love
    · Contactless delivery

    Each bundle is designed for 1-2 people, and will take care of the majority of your meals and snacks for the week. No Substitutions. $105 value.
  • Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho - Vegan
    Koshari - Vegan, Contains Soy
    Potato Leek Soup - Vegan
    Tamales Veganas - Vegan
    Pickled Onion & Radish - Vegan
    Mixed Greens - Vegan
    Tofu Scramble - Vegan, Contains Soy
    Roasted Summer Squash - Vegan
    Ginger Sesame Slaw - Vegan, Contains Sesame
    Yukon Potato Salad - Vegan, Contains Soy
    Bhindi Bhaji - Vegan
    Seaweed Salad with Sesame - Vegan
    Very Yellow Hummus - Vegan, Contains Sesame
    Berry Chia Pudding - Vegan
    Vegan White Sauce - Vegan, Contains Soy
    Broccoli - Vegan
    Red Cherry Tomatoes - Vegan
    Kirby Cucumbers - Vegan
    Apples - Vegan
    Oranges - Vegan
    Organic Cranberry Beans - Vegan
    Nut Free Granola - Vegan, Gluten Free
    Gem Bakery GF Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Vegan, Gluten Free
  • Satur Farms Cutchouge, NY
    Dagele Brothers Produce Florida, NY
    Hempworth Farms Milton, NY
    Black Horse Farms Coxsackie, NY
    Maine Grains Skowhegan, ME
    Lynoaken Orchards
    Hudson River Fruit
    Genesee Valley Bean Co