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Hey There, 2024

Hey There, 2024

By Moriah Schreiber


At Green Top Farms we are committed to building a better food system. How do we do that? Green Top Farms supports local supply chains, sustainable farming practices when we’re able to, and better wages and benefits for our team of food workers. We then try to meet people where they’re at with our product—whether that’s in offices, schools, community centers, or at home. 

From the growers to the consumer and every touch point in between, we’re hoping to do better on all fronts. Our team spends hours on menu development and recipes to create menus that might help make our community a better place. We know that food is a powerful tool to reach people, and with some added effort, it could have huge impacts on our health and our planet.

Green Top Farms wants to create positive and healthy farm-to-table solutions for your workplace, household, and special events. Intention  is important to us when it comes to food, health, and our overall lives. We all have such different feelings and experiences with nutrition and health, and while there isn’t always a perfect way to go about these things, we wanted to share some personal goals from our team. Some of our staff want to share some ways they are going into the New Year with mindfulness!

  • Rebecca wants to eat more meals without a phone or computer around. She says that she doesn’t notice most of what she’s eating lately because she does it while she’s  working. In light of this sense of mindfulness around food, she’s  going to try harder to take 15-30 or so minutes to really enjoy a meal!!
  • Krystal has a pretty big garden at home and in 2023 she didn't spend as much time tending to it as she had hoped. This year her goal is to be out there as much as possible and use her harvest to its fullest potential. In years prior she has jarred jams and sauces to use throughout the winter and she wants to keep up with that. 
  • Noel set a big goal to continue taking steps towards writing, starring in, and finding a venue for his one person show.  He’s really focusing on developing what he wants his voice as an artist to be! Lifestyle wise, he’s really trying to reduce the stuff he  owns, and refocus his purchasing power on less goods, but higher quality goods that have longevity (especially in the clothes department). 
  • Justin loves to fish. It’s something he enjoys as a way to help clear his mind while also getting him out of the city! He likes to share the fish he catches with friends and family free of charge! He hasn’t been able to do that in awhile but he’s looking forward to getting back into it this Spring. 
  • Moriah wants to get rid of a majority of her clothes and only buy staple, long-lasting vintage or pre-owned basics this year. She also is setting a goal of eating plant based meals during the weekdays.
  • Al is hoping to run 2,000 miles next year, call family members regularly, and maybe some other things too. He’s always looking to spend more time on the things that matter (people, art, treating the world okay) and less on the fleeting stuff (material things) but that's a little more abstract.

As we look ahead with intention, we feel excited about the ways food and wellness can bring people together. Meals can be a positive way to connect with people, communities, cultures, and heritage. We challenge you to think about what and why you’re eating the foods you choose this year! Happy New Year!


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