What We Do

Green Top Farms makes wholesome, delicious meals using the freshest, best-tasting ingredients available, and delivers them directly to you. Each of our salads includes microgreens harvested that morning, so you get to eat them when they’re at their tastiest and most nutritious.

Through our meal delivery program, we make it easy for you to schedule out the days you’d like us to bring you a meal, and then we take care of the rest – ensuring you have delicious, fresh and wholesome meals ready for you at lunchtime.

1. Choose from our always-fresh menu.

2. Schedule your deliveries.


3. Never forget lunch again.

Our Current Salads and Soups

Each salad contains a mix of freshly cut microgreens. Multigrain bread is also included.

Soups are delivered chilled

Please use a computer to order.
We are developing a mobile app.

Granny's Garden

Baby greens with Chef’s choice of toppings.
Dressing varies by day

Amarillo by Morning

Baby greens, couscous, red grapes, cracked cucumbers, Manchego cheese, & almonds.
Fennel Vinaigrette

Thanks Mr. Broccoli

Baby greens, broccoli, red quinoa, bell pepper, shaved parmesan, & crispy onions.
Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Maters n' Melon

Baby greens, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, pistachios, & fresh mozzarella.
Lemon Dill Vinaigrette

Summer Squash

Baby greens, golden quinoa, summer squash, roasted mushrooms, breakfast radishes, pecans, & feta cheese.
Blueberry Lemon Vinaigrette

Chef's Choice



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NOTE: Any price alterations due to special requests will be charged after your order is processed.

Greens cut at 7AM
on your desk by lunchtime

Green Top Farms makes healthy easy by providing nutritious meals, on demand, straight from the farm.