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New Programs

New Programs

By Al Raddock

Hey everyone,
Happy new year and hope you and your families are staying healthy. We've been a bit quiet and the site a bit sparse as we continue our focus on feeding the high-risk elderly at their homes and the children of our city at day cares, pre-k's, and after school programs. Together with our partners at Wide Rainbow, we assist their contemporary art program with highly nutritious snacks in communities across the city. We're working harder than ever to build more sustainable practices in our different operations for our people, our customers, and our climate. As a little emblem of that ongoing work (and something tasty for these chilly days), we're adding six soups to the site that exemplify some of the things we believe in. These soups start with homemade veggie scrap and bone stocks that are a bi-product of our food programs for the community—after we cook out those nutrients, the balance is composted.

The soups are then loaded with vegetables, and a wide range of our region's beans—a cornerstone of a complete diet that is important for us and our planet. We've been thinking a lot about "a complete diet" these days as we build menu programs for our city's youth and elderly, and this will be a big focus of ours in 2021. 

The soups will be delivered frozen with a 90-day expiration date so you can toss them into the freezer to enjoy whenever or let them thaw to enjoy right away. We hope they are an easy, healthy, and delicious option for some easy dinners and lunches.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Green Top Farms


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