COVID-19 Update

Green Top Farms regularly follows a rigorous sanitation schedule per daily production in order to meet regulatory guidelines of the Dept. of Agriculture and Dept. of Health. On top of our regular environmental sanitation program, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are practicing even more rigorous facility sanitation practices, food handling practices, and personal hygiene requirements of our personnel:

Our facility underwent a Viro-Clean Disinfection Misting Service, which resulted in an FDA approved antiviral cleaning certification on 3/29.

All personnel must wash hands with soap and water upon entering the facility, before entering the kitchen and at a frequent rate while on shift in the culinary facility. Delivery staff is also required to wash their hands upon entering the facility.

All personnel are required to wear surgical or industrial masks in the facility. This includes delivery staff, administrative staff and culinary staff.

All food products are handled with gloves, changing frequently, as per normal regulatory guidelines enforced at all times (but is especially important during this time to prevent spread of virus from human contact). Delivery staff also wear gloves while handling orders.

All culinary personnel must wear a clean chef’s coat and apron, which are provided in the facility and do not go out into public spaces and are changed daily.

All food contact surfaces are regularly sanitized throughout production and undergo a disinfecting at the end of shift. All cross-contact surfaces (any surface beyond the food-contact prep surfaces) will be sanitized on a more frequent basis daily (up to twice as many times) with either 1) a hydrochloride-based food contact-safe one-time use wipe or 2) the facility’s regular sanitation solution (Santec™ ammonium chloride-based) and a chlorine solution. These surfaces include:

    • Cooler and kitchen equipment handles and doors (ovens, mixers, small equipment)
    • Bathroom appliances
    • Facility doors and their handles
    • Keypads and door bells
    • Light switches
    • Sink appliances
    • Cooking equipment
    • Computers, printers, other commonly shared electronics
    • Delivery equipment (All delivery equipment is disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day)
    • Delivery vehicle handlebars, steering wheels, doors, consoles

  • All personnel maintain 6ft of distancing. This is maintained practicing “zoning” of the kitchen, indicated with tape

  • All personnel eat individually packed meals and maintain a 6ft distance during the family meal

  • All personnel have temperatures taken daily and recorded on a log