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Chef's Bundle for 2

This pre-selected bundle is full of seasonal and fresh dishes for your home. Green Top will help stock the fridge just like your kin would with pre prepared dishes, snacks, and more according to the number of people in your household. This bundle might not cover every single meal for the week, but it will surely provide easy, healthy, and fresh options to keep your home full of pre prepared foods! There are no substitutions with this bundle. Accommodates a 1-2 person household!

· Local, fresh ingredients
· Made from scratch, with love

Bundle Value: $127.00

What's Inside?

BREAKFAST: We selected four yummy breakfast options for your home. Filling and convenient. Is there a better way to begin your day? 

(2 ct) Yogurt & Granola Parfait 

(2 ct) Bacon Egg and Cheese

(1 ct) Omelet Bites

(1 ct) Baked Oatmeal

SIDES & SNACKS: These are the best dishes to fill all the gaps in your meal planning. These sides are nutritious and fun to add or mix in with lunch or dinner mains!

(1 ct) Very Yellow Hummus 

(1 ct) Smokey Mac n Cheese 

(1 ct) Smashed Fingerlings

(1 ct) Bulgur & Chickpea Salad 

(1 ct) Sautéed Kale 

MAINS: These mains can be used creatively or as is and both options are equally great! If you're sick of eating the same things for dinner, these are the perfect way to get new meals without the mess in the kitchen. 

(1 ct) Paneer Tikka Masala

(1 ct) Half Rotisserie Chicken 

DESSERTS: This screams classic for multiple reasons. Yes, this feels nostalgic like your favorite part of a home cooked meal, the sweet dessert! 

 (1 ct) Chocolate Chip Cookies


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