Earth Day Celebration at Green Top Farms

Earth Day Celebration at Green Top Farms

By Emily Solomon


Hey there Green Top Family!

Thanks for another spectacular week of sharing delicious meals. We wanted to give you all a recap on how we said thanks to Mother Earth last week on Earth Day. 

As always, sourcing is at the heart of what we do and inspires the incredible meals our chefs put together. We are eternally grateful to the farmers who work with the seasons and harvest the best ingredients that allow us to bring you nutritious, delicious, and local food. It’s a pleasure making meals that are better for you and for our food system. Our end goal is to continuously help reconnect people with where their food comes from.

For this Earth Day’s lunch we wanted to do something really special and partnered with Smallhold, a mushroom farm located right across the Pulaski bridge in Brooklyn. Their mission is to shift the definition of local by building miniature mushroom farms everywhere and anywhere from basements, to restaurants, and even grocery stores. Our mushroom lasagna, braised king oyster mushrooms, and wild mushroom salad last week all featured Smallhold’s produce. It was cool to connect with their team, break bread, and see their farm as well.

For this lunch, we opted out of beef and lamb main courses as they both produce high carbon emissions. Instead, Chef Anup let the veggies steal the show here and put together a medley of our staples to create a meal that substituted traditional meat dishes with vegetable and seitan alternatives. It’s estimated that 37% of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from the global food industry, with a majority of that number being meat and dairy processes. By featuring vegetable heavy entrees in this lunch, we aimed at creating inspiration for at home plant based eating!

We hope that this Earth Day was a reminder that what and how we consume affects our planet, and we all get to vote with our forks three times each day. At Green Top, we strategically source from regional farmers who implement effective mitigation strategies in their production techniques. Who we partner with guides every step of our production process. We’re not perfect, and we always find processes we can improve each week, but we are really proud to say that we always give you guys our best. At the end of the day, we’re hoping to make a real difference in the way people interact with our food system and get to a point where we are collectively nursing Mother Earth and not hurting her. 

We thank you all for your constant support, get out and say thanks to our planet today and everyday!


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