Satur Farms Trip

Satur Farms Trip

By Emily Solomon

Satur Farms Trip

Last month we took the trip out to the North Fork of Long Island to pay our dear friend and produce partner, Paulette Satur, a visit. Paulette runs Satur Farms, a namesake farm that grows primarily salad greens such as arugula, radicchio, spinach, baby kale, and more!

During our visit, Paulette gave us a tour of their fields and taught us about their farming practices. Satur uses regenerative farming techniques to ensure that the soil stays healthy. We saw a newly seeded Alfalfa cover crop, which is a regenerative farming practice that will capture and hold nitrogen and other nutrients until it is plowed back into the soil, also preventing runoff into waterways. Cover crops are not for harvest, but used as a way to give the land a restful break. They improve soil health and build resiliency in the face of climate change. Satur Farms also practices crop rotation, growing different vegetables in seasonal rotation to prevent disease and feed the soil.

We watched how their team harvests the fields with machines to cut and lift the produce into totes. Once harvested, the product is cooled in a vacuum chiller to remove the field heat. Products are then transferred in refrigerated trucks to the cold facility, where they are washed & packed for distribution all over the tri-state area to great restaurants and markets.

Satur Farm’s greens can be found in stores throughout New York City and are known for their freshness and flavor. Paulette and her husband established their farm 20+ years ago, in an immediate response to the need for fresh and local produce in restaurants throughout New York City. During Covid-19, we worked with Paulette to stock food pantries across New York City with nutritious produce for those in need. Paulette is an essential partner to our operation and allows us to bring you folks the best and freshest food possible.



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